Why Elisjones?

At Elisjones we offer

Personalized Service:

  • We take time to understand you and your personality and your fit within a team
  • We consider your needs and your career aspirations
  • We look at your strengths and weaknesses and how you can build on these
  • We do more than consider you for the job opportunities on our books – we ask you who you would like to work for and approach those companies on your behalf.

Industry Specialist Consulting Services
  • Our consultants are industry specialists who understand your fit in the employment environment and can guide you to the "right" career move.
  • Our consultants will find you the right job NOW...or in the future at a time to suit your needs. Register now and we will keep you informed of job opportunities that match your experience and skills.

Personal Assistance with
  • Salary Negotiation - We consider your present salary and your salary expectations - and where you fit in the market – and we negotiate on your behalf
  • Career Development - Ask us to assist you in finding your career direction - our service is set up to guide you in making the "right" career decisions
  • Interview Technique Development – Make sure you are given feedback on your interviewing technique prior to meeting with clients. We will guide you to present yourself at your best possible manner when attending client interviews.
  • Resume Assistance – Your resume is our "selling tool" to present you to clients. We will assist you where required to deliver relevant information in a concise format.

More Opportunities – Better Chance for a Better Job – Largest Pool of Jobs - At Elisjones we have a large number of jobs on our books. We not only source jobs ourselves however as a member of the CML network of 120 boutique recruitment companies we are able to source jobs across the network that could meet your immediate or future requirements.

Ethics and Integrity – We always ensure that we protect your privacy and your integrity. We do not send resumes to clients without you being informed and approving the process. We always present you to clients in an honest and ethical manner.

At Elisjones we do more than find you a Job - We provide you with a Career Direction!

Interview Techniques

Before taking the next step in your career path you must succeed at your interview. It is at this time that all that confidence you had seems to disappear. Successful interviews don't just happen they require preparation. Go prepared and maintain your confidence.


Talk to your Elisjones Consultant and find out about the company offering the position, its job specification and the skills and experience required.

Do your Homework. Research the company. Check out their website, find out about their products and services. Compare your skills and experience against the job specification.

Make a note of any special skills or experience you have that matches the job specification that can validate your selection for the job.

Make a list of questions to ask the interviewer. Always let the interviewer know that you have researched their website, and tell them you have some additional questions. (Talk to your Elisjones consultant about the sort of questions that would be appropriate at this point.)

Plan your travel to the interview. Ideally arrive ten minutes early so that you arrive relaxed. (If taking public transport, take the earlier train or bus to allow for cancellations.)

Present yourself as the person you want to be. Look professional – smart, tidy and clean. For corporate positions wear a classic dark suit (including jacket) – make sure it is pressed and clean. Avoid sandals, sling back shoes and sneakers. Avoid unnecessary adornments like rings, bracelets and chunky earrings.

Be prepared to answer situational or behavioural questions related to the role. (Ask your Elisjones consultant if you are unsure.) For example for a customer service position you could be asked: "Can you tell me how you would handle a difficult customer who has a complaint."

Know your strengths and weaknesses. Prepare yourself ahead – many of our weaknesses are also our strengths – so tell your interviewer this. For example – 'attention to detail' can be a strength and a weakness – it can slow you down if overdone. Avoid saying that you don't have weaknesses. We all have them, so this wouldn't be credible.

The Interview Itself

You have arrived at the interview location on time, well dressed and well prepared and your mobile phone turned off.
- Greet the interviewer with a friendly smile and a firm hand shake.
- Most interviewers will then endeavour to put you at ease by having a general chat prior to asking you questions.

Speak at a normal pace. Avoid speaking too fast. (Some people speak fast when they are nervous – be aware of this and slow your speech if necessary.)

Always look at the interviewer – keep eye contact as much as possible. Try to smile, as this relaxes you. Do not cross your arms. Lean forward slightly and show interest in the job.

Phrase responses in positive terms – avoid negatives. This presents you as an optimist rather than a pessimist. Answer questions in short descriptive phrases without waffling. Be precise and clear with your answers.

If you completed your preparation, you should now know how to answer your strengths and weaknesses if asked. Similarly you should be prepared for any behavioural or situational questions having checked with your EJ Consultant.

Closing the Interview

Avoid asking about remuneration until the end of the interview. Allow time for the interviewer to approach the subject first. Initially answer the question by saying - for example - "I believe the market range is $60-$65,000". The reason for this is to allow the employing company to commit itself first with a guideline figure.

If an offer is made at the interview, and you are keen to accept the job – do so. However, if you are unsure – or you need to discuss the position further with your Consultant or partner, confirm your interest in the job and tell the interviewer that you would like to discuss the offer with your partner (or consultant) first before accepting.

If a job offer isn't made – ask for the Job. Don't be worried if the job is not offered immediately as there could be others to be interviewed.

Where the interviewer brings the interview to an end thank the interviewer for their time (and for the job offer – if made). Confirm your interest in the job.

Ring your Elisjones consultant and discuss any queries you have about the position that needs to be clarified. Provide feedback of your interest or otherwise in the position as soon as possible after the interview. Remember it is best if the consultant has your feedback before talking to the employer regarding their response. It demonstrates your enthusiasm for the role.


If you "forget" to turn off your mobile phone – ignore it and apologise to your interviewer – do not ask can you answer it.

Do NOT chew gum.


Sell yourself.

Remember you are a person with good skills and experience that fits the job on offer. (Your Elisjones consultant has already matched your skills and experience.) Your Consultant believes in you – now believe in yourself.

Contractors & Temps at EJ

Elisjones offer the opportunity for you to join our temporary workforce across a range of industries and disciplines. These temporary opportunities enable companies to meet their peak demands, annual leave coverage and maternity leave coverage.
These positions include:

  • Administration and Office Support staff – Office Managers, Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants, Secretaries, Receptionists, Customer Service, Administrators, Switchboard Operators
  • Accounting staff – Accountants, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Collection staff
  • I.T. contractors – Web Developers, ERP consultants (SAP, PeopleSoft, BPCS, etc), Networking Infrastructure, Project Management, Contract Managers, Problem Managers, Business Analysts, Systems Analysts, Consulting, IT Sales, Help Desk support and many others
  • Sales staff – Account Executives, Telesales, Business Developers, Internal Sales
  • Call Centre staff – Customer Service, Telemarketers

This is an exciting opportunity for you to participate in the workforce and develop your skills whilst at the same time offering you flexibility of employment to fit in with your busy home, study and travel commitments.

To find out more and to register please forward your resume to temps@elisjones.com.au and talk with one of our consultants on our Temporaries Desk by telephoning: 02 9279 3060

Resume Preparation

Remember your Resume is your selling tool – it is selling YOU. It should be concise and understated rather than exaggerated. Your consultant will add to it if required.

Your resume presentation gives an indication of your logical thinking and your written communication skills. (Are you able to express yourself concisely or are you a waffler?)

Type your resume. Handwritten resumes are ignored. No employer has the time to decipher handwriting.

Make sure you check the spelling errors. Every draft should be thoroughly checked for spelling and grammatical errors.

Keep your points concise – avoid long phrases. Use dot points to show your responsibilities under each position in your career history. Dot points are easier for reading and it is easier to see your skill-set. Your resume should include –

Your Personal Details:
Name, address, contact details (home telephone number, work telephone number, mobile number, email address)

Education should include:
Level achieved at Secondary school, name of institution you attended, and date you completed.
Tertiary education (provide name of institution attended, name of course, areas of major study and year attended).
List short courses attended and year attended.
List of computer software and computer skills.

Work Experience should include:
Name of Company, branch and city
Position Held, Date position started and finished (e.g. Sept 08 – June 10)
Under each position list “Roles and Responsibilities” – here use dot points and list the roles in single lines.
Special achievements may be noted under each role if you wish.

Provide a list of referees (at least two) together with telephone numbers. Referees should be people to whom you previously reported.

Career Information


Now is the time to put your Career on a Success Path. Don’t procrastinate - Start NOW!
We at Elisjones are here to assist you, and guide you on your Success Journey!


Success is a journey and the first part of that journey is planning your Success. You may not be ready to make a move now, however start writing down your plan – Today!

Set Your Goals
You can be the person you choose to be, as long as you are prepared to put in the work to achieve your goals. Goals should be separated into short term and long term goals. Make sure they are specific, achievable and measurable. Break down major or long term goals into short term achievements. Set time frames to achieve each goal. Review your Goals daily. Read them several times and visualize achieving them. Remember goals can always be changed or updated as you go through your career and taste new experiences which can change your aspirations. Measure your progress against your Goals on a six monthly basis. Consider any corrective action to put yourself back on track.

Who are You
Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Consider what you will do to overcome your weaknesses. Maybe consider taking on some additional training courses. Training can grow your skills ready for your next position. Consider your professional qualifications, technical expertise, personal experience and personal attributes relative to your goals. Additional part time courses are available through TAFE or University.

Risk Taking
Be prepared to move out of your "comfort zone". Stretch yourself and move into roles that allow you to grow. At Elisjones we believe in placing candidates who have approximately 80% of the skills required for the position, thus enabling 20% growth in that new position.

Be Flexible
Successful people are flexible and will do what is necessary to get the job done! Consider your willingness to fit in with the team.

Be Assertive Not Aggressive
Be prepared to communicate your opinions, however also be receptive to what others put forward. In other words, be prepared to look at both sides of an argument. Remember that you require the respect of others if you wish to move up the ladder.

Accept Responsibility
Accepting responsibility also means accepting the consequences of your decisions. Make sure you apply your best efforts to achieving results, as your results will be noticed.

Network internally and externally of your organisation. Make sure you are respected by your colleagues. Be prepared to give a colleague a helping hand and contribute to the success of others.

What is your Motivation?
Before committing your goals to writing, consider your Motivation. What motivates you? Is it money, job, satisfaction or status? What job environment do you seek? – large multinational, private company, your own company or franchise, or contract work to enable you to develop further skills.

For further information speak to your Elisjones Consultant - call 02 9279 3060.