Why Elisjones?

Elisjones is a boutique agency that moves beyond traditional recruitment practices to incorporate a range of search and selection skills not readily available elsewhere in the market place.

Our proactive approach to recruitment means that we can introduce you to professional candidates who are not reading the positions vacant advertisements in print or online. These are passive job seekers who are happy to consider opportunities. We also have a database of talented candidates seeking career progression.

At Elisjones we offer

  • A NO RISK service – We only charge on successful placement – no charge for advertising – no charge to search our database - no up-front fees
  • We are Price Competitive – we headhunt for NO additional fee
  • We only provide QUALITY CANDIDATES that should make a difference to your bottom line. We don’t just promise you a fit – we guarantee it.
  • Our Consultants are experts in their area of specialisation – this enables the Elisjones consultants to understand the roles for which they are recruiting and gives them knowledge of candidates available in the marketplace.
  • Higher exposure to advertising on multiple websites and through the CML network offices

We know we Deliver - we invite you to share the experience.

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This is what our clients say about the services provided by Elisjones & Associates:

"We would like to thank you for the prompt service and the quality of the temps that Elisjones & Associates Pty Ltd provided Australian Business Limited New Apprenticeships Centre for our filing project."
Darren Cocks,
ABL New Apprenticeships Centre

"Each member of the Elisjones team has always conducted their dealings with absolute integrity. In stark contrast to experience with many other employment agencies each and every contact with EJ&A has also been balanced with what I describe as "a human touch". Speaking with experience as both an employer and a candidate in the recruitment process, this is so rare. A direct reflection of EJ&A's integrity and professionalism is the number of successful, long-term placements with which I have had personal involvement – again I speak from "both sides of the fence". So thank you, and congratulations – I look forward to many more years of building our successful and happy relationship.
Damon McMahon
Product Manager – Audio / Mobile Entertainment
JVC Consumer Products

"Elisjones & Associates has assisted us with staff recruitment on a number of occasions. Wayne's service has been excellent and over time he has taken the trouble to gain a close understanding of our specific needs, ensuring that candidates are the closest possible match for our job spec. Unlike other agencies, Elisjones is not in the habit of directing less suitable candidates to us just to get the placement."
John Martin


"In my experience with Elisjones & Associates, I have found the company to be extremely helpful in seeking out employment opportunities for me...I am grateful for the excellent service I have received from this company."
Nicole McMahon

"All too seldom in business and career life am I compelled to write a note of thanks and praise – but this is certainly one of those occasions. My experience with Elisjones & Associates, from Day One as both a candidate and an employer, has always been one of absolute professionalism."

"Just a quick note to say a big thank you for meeting with me this afternoon and for making the whole registration process so relaxed. Your professionalism and interest in the sorts of roles I am looking for was most reassuring. I look forward to working with you in the future."

Liz Adcock

Our Guarantee

The quality of the candidates that we supply for your
consideration enables us to guarantee our placements.
At Elisjones we always honour our guarantees.

Recruitment Process

At Elisjones we offer a NO RISK Recruitment Service. We only charge on successful placement, and "we deliver the right head at the right price, guaranteed". Our service is unique – we invite you to share the experience!

  1. Call our Reception on 02 9279 3060 and advise us of your area of specialty. Our Receptionist will direct you to a Consultant who specializes in your area of expertise. If at all unsure ask to speak to our Sales Manager.

  2. Our Consultant is willing to visit you on site if you wish. However if your time does not permit this we will talk to you on the phone to gain a good understanding of your business and job requirements.

  3. Our Consultant will take down a full job description from you. If you have one prepared please make this available to the Consultant. If not, we will assist to put together a Job Description – asking you a number of questions to achieve this.

  4. At Elisjones we have a large candidate pool from which we source your potential new employee, and that includes:

    • Elisjones Database Search
    • Search of CML Databases (120 agency databases throughout Australia and NZ)
    • Advertising search – no cost to you – via a number of Job Boards
    • Advertising search from EJ Website as well as CML Website
    • Display advertising search (at additional cost and only if you request)
    • Direct Search – from our knowledge of candidates in the industry who we know are passive job seekers
    • Headhunt (if requested at no additional cost) from your competitors or others within the market place. We do not headhunt people who are happy in their present employment – we only move people who are passive job seekers.

  5. This wide candidate pool enables us to achieve for you the BEST AVAILABLE candidate and a true fit. However we don’t just promise you a fit – we guarantee it.

  6. Your EJ Consultant will carry out initial candidate screening on the telephone prior to interviewing the selected candidates in our offices. This is followed by an in depth face to face interview to identify the skills and experience of each of the candidates as well as a match of their personality and cultural fit. Any skills testing will be completed at this stage as well.

  7. After interviews are complete we will provide you with as shortlist of the BEST candidates and resumes with Consultant Summary - emailed to you or delivered by hand should you prefer. In both cases we will discuss with you the reasons for selecting these candidates.

  8. At EJ we carry out two reference checks and the timing of these depends on your requirements and the acceptance of the candidate.

  9. Your Consultant will remain in touch with you throughout the process to keep you informed on progress. After providing you with time to view the shortlisted candidates' resumes we will contact you to set up interviews within your time frames. Remember that there remains a candidate shortage so it is important not to lose your BEST candidates due to delays in setting up interview times.

  10. Feedback from interviews is always appreciated by all candidates – not just the candidate you wish to hire. Candidates give up their time to attend interviews and appreciate your feedback which in turn enables them to develop their interview skills ready for their next opportunity.
  11. Be ready to move on a Job Offer immediately you find the BEST candidate that fits your company's requirements. We will contact you shortly after the interview process to see if there are any issues that need to be discussed. We will present your offer to the candidate and obtain a start date that fits with your requirements. Remember candidates will not give notice until you provide that offer in writing. (If you need assistance with this speak with your EJ Consultant.)

  12. If you require us to carry out Psychological testing, Medical testing, Police or Security Checks or further skills testing please notify your Consultant and we can arrange these tests at an additional cost.

  13. We don't stop here. We remain in touch with your successful candidate to make sure that he/she settles into your company well. We liaise with the candidate and you over the ensuing probationary period to ensure that there are no niggling issues that require attention and we facilitate where required.

Remember - "We deliver the right head at the right price, guaranteed"

Our service is Unique – we invite you to share the experience!

Other Services

HR Newsletter
Talk to us about receiving the CML HR Newsletter that covers HR and employment issues – free of charge. This Newsletter keeps you informed of what is happening and enables you to stay abreast of HR issues on a national basis.

Gold Candidates
We regularly make available to HR divisions a brief list of top candidates that are available in their industry or area of discipline. Talk to one of our Consultants in your area of specialization if you would like to be included on this mail out.

Temporary Candidates and Contractors
Whilst waiting for us to find you a permanent candidate you may wish to fill a vacancy using one of our skilled Temporary Candidates and Contractors. At Elisjones we maintain a strong list of candidates across a range of industries and disciplines to fill clients’ short term requirements. Ask to speak to our Consultant on our Temporaries Desk.

Psychological Testing
If you require us to arrange Psychological Testing for employees or potential employees, please contact your Consultant on 02 9279 3060. We use the psychological testing services of Careers MultiList of which we are a member.